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Bars of Service
It would seem to me that that the cellular service indicator is more sensitive since the latest OS updates. I am reading less bars of reception in the same areas that had full bars before. The quality of the connection seems the same. Anyone else?

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Haven't noticed. *pensive*

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Wouldn't know... no update in the UK!
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I didn't notice either.
(06-01-2016, 10:13 AM)Brad Wrote: Haven't noticed. *pensive*

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Check again in 24 hours.

Nnik, I notified this this earlier today at my house and now as I type this. Same quality service as always though. Notification wise, I've been having issues with custom ringtone. I've not been hearing them and have missed calls. Just yesterday my mother fell and called me after. I never heard the phone. Good this it wasn't serious but still...
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What OS update???

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