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I Was a bit Surprised That Some UTBers Have Personal Channels

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I would like to start a Channel, but no time to deal with all the spammers
Wayno, you'd probably want to lock it down so that posts need to be approved first. I think that's a big challenge in my mind: how do I make this open, yet easy to administer. If it's going to be a big commitment in time, then I won't have that time.
Double facepalm cuz I don't know what's going here. Administering a channel is more difficult than setting on the couch of course but so everything else in life but it's much easier that being a mod or an editor for UTB blogs xD. Can't imagine how the UTB veterans are managing to keep up with everything they do. I call them veterans as they sometimes have to fight back the crApple army of bloggers and elementary school style journalists.
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(21-12-2015, 08:42 AM)Wayno Wrote: I would like to start a Channel, but no time to deal with all the spammers

You only get spammers if featured by a popular outlet like CB, GCN, or BlackBerry themselves. Otherwise, your sub count stays very manageable.

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Hah! I may get none then! LOL
You will. At least the UTB members :)
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I only have eight subs. No chance of getting spammers on my channel.
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Ninja's a she?
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Don't think so, maybe you didn't read far enough back.

(08-01-2016, 11:16 AM)mscloutier Wrote: Ninja's a she?
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