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This is the only game I play on a mobile device (Samy tab2) and actually enjoying it. its like clash of clans but more interesting. id recommend to try. dont need to spend too much time. just a check twice a day while your city progresses from iron age to space age.
I prefer simpler quick and easy games. Doodle jump is a fave for me. On my Playbook I like the Freecell game and Pixelated, as well as Rune.
Pixelated was by far my favorite Playbook game. Perhaps favorite mobile game period. I'm not much of a gamer.

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Don't game at all, except a rare round of Spider Solitaire.
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Pixelated? never tried that.

in Dominations you can join alliances with player from around the world there's a live chat option to discuss strategy and request toops. and it sucks. was wondering if BBM can integrate into such games and apps to provide real time communication, not just mobile gaming but on Xbox one and PS4 as well, wouldn't it be great. Might not be possible to execute, but the idea sounds cool. if I can chat with my gamer friends on BBM with my gamer profile and they appear in the hub. basically two profiles on the same BBID.
Veeru, you should try pixilated. It's a great game for when you have a short bit of time to kill. Or ADD.
hmmm ok will check it out.
u are right my friends

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