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Veeru, I see what you're saying. If you long press on the item, you get the share menu, but it isn't shared as a note. That could be because of compatibility issues with other note-style programs. It's interesting, but depending on the info in the note, different share options come up.
yup. but atleast we should be able to share the note between two BlackBerry devices.
Why can't you share a note ? You are talking about the Evernote's notes or the native ones ?
Native ones La Bete
Oh okay. So you'd like to be able to share a note as a file and not like a text only...would be a pretty cool feature. You could copy and paste it on Word to Go save it as .doc and then share it as a file. Might not be the best I agree but it could help...
well if I want to share the text, might as well share it using the share function instead of copying it into another file.
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