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Yes absolutely, the whole meeting, which is approximately about an hour or so.

Previously I looked at dictation machines etc to do the same thing, until I tried the voice note and decided why have two pieces of equipment.

Also I'm able to back this up onto my pc using BlackBerry Link, which the voice note is also encrypted.
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Very interesting. How much space does it take up?
That's a damn good question. I've just looked into properties, and it doesn't show the size of the file for each voice note.

However, having looked into memory, my current 5 meetings hasn't even hit 1 gig yet.

Also, I email the slides of the meeting which I'm able to pin this with the voice note and any other reports, which I can't do with any dictation machines etc.

I was close to using one note, but Remember I feel is fantastic and has everything I need.
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That's interesting. I may consider it for my client meetings. Compliance in my industry is becoming more involved. I'm not sure that I want to go to audio recording my client meetings, but in potentially sticky situations, it could come to that. I may add voice notes though. I don't find Dragon to be consistent enough to be a time saver since my assistant had to review the transcriptions all the time.
What industry are you in?
Financial services
Lol. What a small world.....
Thanks for the tips. Sometimes I wish there were tutorials on the native apps that come on BB10 like Remember. I have used it and the more I use it, the more I discover it's capabilities. The learning curve would be less if all these uses could be set up in a tutorial on youtube or on the phone.
No problems, I learnt, initially by looking for a dictation machine, then wondering about the potential of BlackBerry Remember, and slowly learnt the complete choices that the app offers.

And it's fantastic.
OJ, one note has a very strange UI. I don't like it. i prefer Evernote and sync it to remember for offline access.

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