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BlackBerry Assistant
This may come as a shock to seasoned BlackBerry users, but I accidentally discovered, today, that a long press of the button between the volume up and down keys on the Z10 and Z30, activates BlackBerry Assistant. I thought this feature was only available on the Passport.
By the way, how many people use BlackBerry Assistant regularly? I don't. I find talking to machines creepy.

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Join the club, no way do I use BB Assistant. BTW, works on Classic also.
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I don't use it regularly. I haven't trained myself to do it. My tendency is to just type a search or look it up on the browser. The one exception is when I am driving. It works great then to call and to read emails.
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Don't use it much at all, keep forgetting about it. NC, interested to get it to read emails, will it also read UTB blogs? ;)
Open your email and select the first one. Hold the mute button to bring up assistant. Say "read email" and it will read the title and ask what do you want to do. You can say read, delete, skip and it will do that and automatically move on to the next email. Pretty cool.

You can verbally open an email account by giving your email address. Then select what emails you want read by the subject or sender. Subject works good. By the sender I think Assistant means the specific email address. I try to select a sender by name and it doesn't work. Haven't tried the email address of the sender yet.
I use the assistant when I am driving too. However, I find it rather frustrating at times. If my workspace is locked, I haven't yet found a way to unlock it with assistant, so it's pretty much useless as I'm likely trying to call a client (who's information is in my workspace).
Probably have to physically unlock your workspace before you get in the car, then use Assistant.
NC, yup, that would be the sensible thing to do, but I can't be counted on for that. :D
Hahahaha! I know what you mean. The phone will remind me I am to make a call after I am driving. I don't have an encrypted workspace, so for me it isn't a real problem. I tell assistant to open contacts, then the say call the contact or text, and I am good to go.
(24-11-2015, 10:20 PM)DickLewis13 Wrote: Join the club, no way do I use BB Assistant. BTW, works on Classic also.
Good to know that it works on the Classic also. We're you aware of this feature being available in devices other than the Passport? I never knew, until today.

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