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Apps & Developers
So, Devs are you going to start 'converting' your apps, for Android and the Priv?
Doubt you'll get much an answer here. :)
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On CrackBerry someone just schooled me, and basically told me to be quiet. I understand that Devs more than likely wouldn't want to recreate the wheel and design\create apps on Google Play. But, in the BlackBerry shop, there are some decent apps, and it would be great if they were converted.
CB doesn't count. Ignore is best.
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Some already are Ivan. I know next to nothing about development, but I know depending on how they coded the original app, it may not be too difficult to port over. Air Messages is already in GPS and Decor HD is headed there too.

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Ah, I used Decor HD on my Z30 and Passport. I'll certainly look for that one when it is released...

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