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OS Updates
(20-11-2015, 10:02 AM)Wayno Wrote: And it still is a dumb tablet, lol. It never got the BB10 Brain transplant. But it was ahead of it's time.

Still use both of mine extensively. Didn't need BB10 for me.
9800>9900>Q10>Passport>Priv all alongside my trusty PlayBook
I am still a big believer that the way of the future is more dumb accessories rather than smart accessories. Smart accessories (tablet, watch) want to be able to carry their own data. Really all the data should be in your one device which then shares that information on a non-persistent basis with your accessories. I want to watch a video - share to my dumb tablet. I want to get my notifications on my watch for appts - share to my dumb watch.

Our bluetooth headsets are a great example of how that works so well. I want to dial a contact. I press the button on the earpiece (regardless of the model) and I get the assistant. I make my request and voila, the call is connected. Why can't we just have that work out? Years ago I wanted to be able to dock my Palm device into a larger screen (thinking tablet ahead of it's time because that was 2001).

In the end, I don't want duplication of data across a whole slew of devices and I certainly don't want to share my data to a cloud, unless it's either the corporate-owned cloud for corporate data, or my personal cloud for my personal data. Having all my data on one device with a quick response and ability to view/share with other devices that will not retain the data is what I want. How difficult could that be?

Getting back to the Playbook, is it possible that some third party developer could re-do Bridge so we can use the PB as a dumbscreen?

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