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AT&T Priv purchased
I wasn't going to buy one. But, my missus convince me, since my birthday is around the corner, and all that.
I walked into AT&T today, in Acworth, GA. They had TWO in stock. I walked out with one, no contract, no upgrade. Yeah, scary ;)
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Congrats, keep us posted on your thoughts of it over the next few days
Well done! As Wayno has said, keep us posted with your impressions.
Nice! And nice to see you back Ivan. :)

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Welcome back, Ivan. Let us know your impressions.
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Seriously, why haven't ALL of you bought this device yet?
I've been reading various forums for weeks about the Priv. And I'm tired of hearing people complain and moan about this or that and they hadn't even tried the device at the time.

Yesterday, my missus said, "Go and buy the BlackBerry. You won't be happy until you've tried it for yourself, despite the reviews online..." So I did what any good husband would do, I did as I was told.

I got home at 11:00, placed the device on charge and went to watch Spectre!

After chilling with the missus for a few hours, I started to configure the Priv. Over the past few months I've been using a Samsung Galaxy Note 5. So Android was\is second nature.

The setup was easy and simple to follow. Oddly for me, the confusing bit was the Hub. Why? I think since I was used to BB10, I expected the exact same. To me the Hub 'feels' weird. I'm hardly using it currently.

Being used to Android, I'm also used to different Launchers. With that, I installed Nova Launcher. Even fonts; I installed Bauhaus font, but I can't seem to apply it.

I'll be making a point to use the device excessively today. Thus far, I'm impressed. Even the physical keyboard is better than I expected and I have big hands. My fingers 'fit' on the keyboard just fine. I often keep forgetting that there is a physical keyboard...
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I'm still fighting myself on purchasing it Ivan. Lol. I probably will end up getting it. But I've been meaning to turn off my second line, and there's no way I'm giving up my Passport as my daily driver. So I'm not just having to justify the Priv purchase, but keeping my second line too. I make things entirely too hard on myself. Lol

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I think you could easily justify it given your role at UTB...
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Would love to test drive a Priv, but not in my budget for now.
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I envy you Ivan. I wish they launch the priv in Singapore soon.

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