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BBM Protected Plus issue
This in from a guy in the Aussie group who works with BES12 and BBM Protected Plus:

Raise with the forums Chap. Even when auto sharing is activated in bbm protected plus, there seems to be a bug. I think BlackBerry themselves know about from what I'm told. It occurred from the last bbm app update. A few guys are experiencing the same problems.

Just to be aware guys who use this software that this is an issue and BlackBerry will sort it out. 
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Quick action Chap, on the ball as always mate!!
Protected BBM not working ?! - Workaround
BlackBerry offers a end-to-end encryption for the company's own Messenger BlackBerry Messenger (BBM): BBM Protected. At that time I wrote a guide to using the BBM Protected as a private person. But now have due to a change some users problems with the service.

Services can not be assigned and existing allotment no longer work reliably.

BlackBerry had been from the outset the possibility that the administrator himself was unable to allocate the Entitlements / services. This is no longer possible as the following screenshot shows:

A second BlackBerry ID appoint as administrator. So you can re-assign BBM Protected and other services to its main ID.

If not present, a second create BlackBerry ID
Log in Cirrus Admin AP (BlackBerry IDP)
Right on the menu Entitlements
Press in the main window "Admins"
Press "Invite user"
Here now enter the second BlackBerry ID and press "Send Invite"

Now you get to the E-mail address of the second e-mail address a message and then it has to confirm by pressing the links within the email and sign up in IDP

The following steps only with the new BlackBerry ID / the new perform Admin
Now you delete under Entitlements / admins the old BlackBerry ID, to first press the old e-mail address, and then click the gray button "Revoke Entitlement"

Now, as usual according to instructions back the old first BlackBerry ID to BBM Protected and other services invite

Both e-mail addresses have now received some Benachrichtiungs emails that services off and were recognized. In the case of BBM Protected this is also displayed in BBM, here by way of example on an iPhone:
9800>9900>Q10>Passport>Priv all alongside my trusty PlayBook
I'm not following that post Chap...
Via BlackBerry Z10 or Q10 or Z30 or Classic on or BB Playbook
It's unfortunately a translation James. BES12 admins will know what it means.
9800>9900>Q10>Passport>Priv all alongside my trusty PlayBook
If Protected isn't working right after the last updates you should log into Enterprise Console and go to services. From there edit Protected. Make sure to verify that the disable option isn't checked. This fixed it for me and everything works perfectly. For some reason when updating BBM Beta it was checked automatically. It's weird bit oh well, working now.
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Thanks Robert, I will forward this to our mate that was experiencing the issue
Here's the fix:

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