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Lift to wake ?
I have just toggled this feature on on my Leap. How many of you use this? I am liking it so far.
I put it on. It is a nice feature. It would especially be good for those who complain they have to swipe their phone two or three times to wake it up.
I have it switched on, only use it a few times though. I can't bear to turn my Passport face down and hide it's beauty!
Never use it, phone is never face down.
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never use it. only the flip to save battery option.
I used to use it but I don't always want my phone to wake up when I lift it. Plus, with it off, I have the option of either touching the power button to see the lock screen notifications, or swiping up to actually wake up the phone, which usually means unlocking it via picture password.

I do use the flip to save power and hold to stay awake.
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I used it on my Z10 and Z30, but don't use it on my Classic. It's a nice feature.
Got to love all the options available!
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I use it when i'm getting sleepy in bed and just saves the battery for next day.
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Doesn't happen to me, bambino, I charge my Classic overnight, every night.
Amazing BlackBerry Motion BBD-100-2. #WeAreBlackBerry Happy

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