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5 Reasons the BlackBerry Venice will be One of the Best Android Devices of 2015
and almost forgot, if you are on twitter, just check out Niko's tweets. and also JT. They are editors at Not4
(25-09-2015, 12:38 PM)veeru789 Wrote: "For a long while now, BlackBerry has been the butt of jokes in the smartphone world"

the above quote is the first line of the article. I think this answers your question why N4BB is Not 4 BB.

ah ok, I got it now from  your example.. "not 4 bb"...  that is  good one !  Thought DL made a typo !
Will definitely keep that in mind (still a positive article overall though).  As for twitter, don't use it, but thanks any way.

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B2B, check out JT and Nikko twitter timeline.
Definitely not a Not4 fan. Having said that, this article isn't bad.

However, the premise that the Venice will "be one of the best in 2015" isn't very bold; it isn't much of a statement. It also starts out a little negatively focusing on BlackBerry being the "butt of jokes."

This type of mealy mouthed hemming and hawing is part of what I don't like about Not4. This article seems to be about as pro-BlackBerry as they ever are; you wouldn't read an article with this tone on the "Inside BlackBerry Blog."

I like the tone of UTB far better. We're a BlackBerry fan site and we wear it proudly.
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The positivity in the article is for Android, not BlackBerry. That's not 4's MO.
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Hmm.. interesting feedback.

I am not too familiar with n4bb ... but did see the article as a positive for BB... not for Android, as I am hoping for it to increase their bottom line. That is all.

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Not4 knocks BlackBerry on a regular schedule, not worth my time.
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What got me about N4BB's tweets is that he had to correct himself a few times about the Priv. He got the whole thing wrong. Not sure why. Finally he got what they were saying correct. Rather confusing following his tweets.
Like JC said, "who has time for Twitter !"


I feel the same...........

UTB... the place to be ... for your BlackBerry

Don't bother with Not4 tweets either.
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