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Do You Go Naked?
I've always had many case options for my Berries, but have also always loved proudly displaying the bullets and the style of the devices. I've liked the look and feel of every BlackBerry I've owned from the Storm 2 to the Classic I'm using now.

Lately, I've been using my Classic naked. I love the stainless steel. The device is heavy and solid and this is more readily experienced without a case. Also, typing seems easier, although that may be just what you get used to. I figure the antenna and reception are better also. The phone slides in and out of the pocket easier, and is smaller. I haven't had an urge to use a case and I'm wondering if this is how I'll use the phone for an extended period... I really like being naked!

Does anyone else go naked? Which device do you use? Have you had any bad drops with damage? Am I crazy for not using a case?
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I use a shell/holster, too bloody clumsy to use my Classic without extra protection.
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  • Brad
No case here, either. I used to use an Otterbox Commuter on my Tour and that was a nice setup, then got a pocket for my 9930. I really liked that setup.

I bought my Dad a BB Holster for his Classic and it has made me consider buying a pocket for mine now. Good quality, and should offer a bit more protection while it's in my pocket, which, for me is where it's most likely to get damaged while I work.
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  • james pisano
Only phone I never went naked with was my Torch 9850 (vzw bb7 all touch model).

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Never! My phone wear burka. Lol! I have a clear case for my daily driver and a basic hard case for my spare. It's a necessity for a klutz like me.
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I have gone naked until last week. I ordered the OEM hardshell case for my Original Passport. I snapped it on and the phone at first felt so much thicker, but that quickly passed. I love the BlackBerry case for my Black Beauty!
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  • james pisano
I have always had a case on my device, dropped it way too many times to know better... but for some reason, this past week I decided to go naked as well.... and actually loving it.
Felt nice and thin and quickly got used to it.

Devices always looked better naked, imo....

The PP is such a prestine looking device, and feels nice.... I guess I'm liking it now ......until I drop it.

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  • james pisano
I hope you don't drop it Back2Black! I really want a Passport and am hoping Verizon carries it sometime. It's also a really awesome looking device and worthy of showing off. The black and stainless of the Classic and Passport are real impressive. Make the iPhones look like toys and the plastic Androids look cheap.
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I have a belt clip I actually got from Home Depot. Otherwise, I have not found a case I like for my Passport or it would most likely have one. Otterbox has been my go to manufacturer for previous devices. It's nice to see a brand new looking phone when you pull it out of the case. I have to say my Passport is holding up very nicely for being naked. I don't even have a screen protector, but I am very conscientious when handling my device.
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  • james pisano
Gave it a try naked, James. Nope, like my shell/holster better. Just feel safer.
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