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The parameters for determining appropriate mobile app platform
The parameters for determining appropriate mobile app platform

“Choosing the right platform to launch the app plays a vital role in the success and failure of your app. Take a look at the below approaches that can help you in selecting the correct platform for your mobile app.”

The consumer based and enterprise based mobile apps have burgeoned to a great height within the last decade due to the amazing advancement in technology and the internet. The tremendous growth of app market now-a-days witnesses’ apps on almost all the topics and fields, which are both paid and non-paid.

App stores like PlayStore and iTunes, which once began with very selective and few apps are now bulging with several apps on fashion, finance, travel, ticketing, health and fitness, movies, television, celebrities, spirituality, music, and many more, the list of which is endless.

As a matter of fact, there are hundreds of mobile apps that are exhibited in different app stores every day, developed either by a company, or a brand, or personally by someone who has proper sources of creating a mobile app. This growth and popularity of mobile apps have formed a number of mobile platforms to house all the apps which are created almost every day by developers from all around the world.

Some examples of these popular platforms are Windows, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc. But how to determine whether which mobile platform is best for your app? Should you choose an audience-friendly platform, or should you create a private app store that can only be accessed by few specific users.

To clear your doubts and assist you regarding this case, here are a few parameters that can prove to be apt for your app. Check out below.

Figure Out Your Audience

Figuring out the audience is the major factor when it comes to choosing the mobile platform. If you do not want to restrict the limit of the audience, and want to hit the mass market, it is advisable that you go for popular platforms, like Android and iPhone.

However, on the other hand, if your aim is to choose the business community first, focus more on the corporate kind of platforms, like the Blackberry. There are many people who other than selecting any external platform prefer to use a private app store to host their apps.

Hence, it is very important to choose and keep the target audience in mind for whom we are creating the app.

Location of the Audience

Not only just targeting the audience will do the complete work, but determining their location is also equally important. Operating systems, like Android and iPhone have a specific target market.

On one hand where the USA is the biggest hub of iPhone users, Android is the favorite of most of the Asian audience. This factor should also be given priority while deciding a platform so that you hit the correct audience.

Future of the Platform

Before determining the platforms for your mobile app look for its future aspects as well. Make sure that you determine that the platform is stable enough to withstand your app for a long period of time, and it will survive tomorrow also.

This needs to be considered because of the constant changes that keep on taking place on the web and mobile app industry.

Native, Web or Hybrid

Choosing whether an app should be native, web or hybrid is an older and much talked about one, but importantly from the view of the development of mobile app. It largely depends on what are the requisites for the formation of an app, and what exactly is the product.

Native apps are pretty expensive, but they offer the most organic and best performance. Moreover, native apps access the native features of the device such as microphone, GPS, and camera.

They very often require a Wi-Fi connection, and are more reliable.

Features To Be Included In the App

Another important factor that should be taken care of is the general and technical features that you want to incorporate in your enterprise or consumer friendly mobile app. You have to be cautious while choosing the features because some features work only for specific platforms, and some may have a greater performance advantage over the others.

Determine the graphics and flash features according to the layout of your app. Therefore, it is recommended to first go for a rough outline of the features in your app, and look which is performing the best.

These tidbits will help you choose the accurate and apt mobile app development platform for your app in the world where colossal choices have been flourished, confusing a person in making technological decisions. To make a wise and informed decision, keep in mind and follow these things to never lose the sight of the audience and the immense popularity that you will gain after hitting the correct target market.

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