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Quick! BB in-store demo help!
What's the password to setup the in store demo on a BB10 device?
Got it! Thank you to Dave!

You guys will never guess what it is!


Now I know, and there's another Classic running a demo in a retail place.
Is this an invisible thread or Trev just talking to himself.
Playbook>Bold 9900>Z10>Z30>Passport.
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A BBM to Dave saved the day.

And I'm also just talking to myself.

But hey, I'm good company. Right?
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I don't ask myself any questions unless I want a BS answer...
Logic dictates, but reason rules... DM

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Where do you enter that password? Just in case I ever come across a BlackBerry in a UK store actually on display...
(03-09-2015, 08:07 AM)Bigglybobblyboo Wrote: Where do you enter that password? Just in case I ever come across a BlackBerry in a UK store actually on display...
Settings - Display - Advanced - Retail Display Mode

Hard to find any on display anymore :(
I switched from ATT to Cricket, went in store to pay (I like going in store) and the young gentleman was eyeing up my SE. He goes "what's that?" I said " oh, this? , this is the Sexy Edition BlackBerry Passport." "Most likely the best device in the universe, and probably the only one you'll see in person." :-)

Then I proceeded to open Google play for him.... he was shocked. I'm in Wisconsin and I've only seen one other BlackBerry in the wild and it was a z30. I love showing people, I'm not sure how much impact it has...but I like doing it.
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I find it is fun to prove that BlackBerry is not dead. And to show others what my Black Beauty can do causes amazement in most people. I did like you did, fishlove73, I went in to AT&T and when the salesperson commented he liked BlackBerry if only they had more apps, I opened Snap for him. Blew him away. Downloaded Instagram right in front of him. Made him speechless.

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