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Windows 10
In fact she'd instantly crap her pants and claim i've been giving her email address away left, right and centre. She's a good BlackBerrian Mrs Biggly!
Well howdy do. :)

(01-09-2015, 07:32 AM)Bigglybobblyboo Wrote: Yes, it was Mrs Biggly's. She's not interested in getting anything from them.
Amazing BlackBerry Motion BBD-100-2. #WeAreBlackBerry Happy
Still haven't updated. I wish I had time though.

"Encryption is the defense against the dark arts in the digital realm" - Edward Snowden
"Encryption is the defense against the dark arts in the digital realm" - Edward Snowden
Only time I turn on my tablet is for the Blogcasts, then there's not time for the update. So I haven't done it either. Lol

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I have 2 devices updated (working very well), and another that I had to roll back to Win8.1(no network adaptors working!!!) !!
Other than that... I'm enjoying Windows 10!
after a series of updates, win10 is lot better than win8. id recommend it.
Waiting on Microsoft now...
Surprised you weren't notified in advance.

(03-09-2015, 02:23 AM)Bigglybobblyboo Wrote: Waiting on Microsoft now...
Amazing BlackBerry Motion BBD-100-2. #WeAreBlackBerry Happy
I downloaded an ISO file to a flash drive. Booted off it and that was it. Go to You probably won't have a problem from there.
I think you can "run the tool" as well. Not sure, but I think it will immediately install the OS without having to download to flash drive.

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