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double typing issue (potential fix)?
Has anyone tried to clear learned words on their passport if they had any double typing. I had it on and off (nothing too major) and clearing the learned words seems to have gotten rid of it for now. I also set it on "insert top prediction". All these options are in settings under language and input and word predictions.
Going to try this right now! Appreciate it!!!
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I've been having that issue. I'll give it a shot.
Keep us posted. For me it seems to be good for now.
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I really believe it's hardware. Not software. Although I'm sure they could make a software fix for it. It's my b's and m's. And if I push the button from a different direction, it doesn't happen.

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If I ever get the double typing issue, I'll give it a go.
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I did this same thing with my double typing Q10. It helps but doesn't completely eliminate the trouble.

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I'm glad I've never experienced the issue, but thanks Ray. Hopefully it helps those with the problem.
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Anyone with double typing or others problems upgrade to
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