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double typing issue (potential fix)?
I still get the double typing on occasion. PassportSQW100-1/

"Encryption is the defense against the dark arts in the digital realm" - Edward Snowden
"Encryption is the defense against the dark arts in the digital realm" - Edward Snowden
whats double typing?
(17-08-2015, 12:37 PM)BlackJack Wrote: All I got to say is shoulda gotta a Classic :)

I'm close, BJ. Real close.
(18-08-2015, 06:45 AM)Canuckvoip Wrote: I'm glad I've never experienced the issue, but thanks Ray. Hopefully it helps those with the problem.
I've never had double typing either, was always curious about it though

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Yup, I still get it on my Q10. Not fun.

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I do think this helped. I still have the double typing, but most words are correcting with the space button. Definitely better. Not perfect though.

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Another tip that helps with double typing is how you type. Be sure to hold your thumbs flat on the keys and let the key bevels do the job they were designed to do. typing with the tips of your thumbs, touchscreen style, will increase the double typing.

It took a conscious effort to retrain myself when I switched back to a real keyboard with the Q10. Once you get in the habit of typing the way it is designed you can really see the genius of the BlackBerry keyboard.

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clearing the history helped for for about 2 days. I'm still trying to retrain myself to type with my fingers. I feel like a monkey... damn thumbs

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Never had the double typing issue. Glad I don't. A buddy of mine did with his Q10, but he doesn't on the Passport.

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I got double-typing a few times months ago. But I don't get it anymore.

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