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Outlook App
Has anyone, or is anyone using the Microsoft Outlook app on their BlackBerry? The Android app. 
I've used it many times before on multiple BlackBerry 10 devices. But, lately, it seems that I can't turn off notifications for it. 

The app is mainly used to check work emails, from time to time. But, I certainly don't want the notifications of emails etc. 24/7. 
why would you use an app when you have the hub?
(14-08-2015, 01:48 PM)veeru789 Wrote: why would you use an app when you have the hub?

Wondering the same thing. Is the work email locked down in some way?

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TBH hub beats the crap out of any app. even the outlook app. and outlook has the best mobile app today. If you want to attach a file from another email without downloading it on to the phone, I guess you can do it on the outlook app but only if its from the same email. where as hub lets you attach any file from any of the accounts set up in hub without downloading it on to the phone. try the hub attachment feature ( ). and for some reason, even without BIS push mail, my BB seems to get the email faster compared to other platforms.
To be honest, I simply didn't want my work email on my device. Hence using the Microsoft Outlook app for my Office 365 email.

I figured out a moment ago how to silence the Outlook app.

Side note: if I can add my work email to my device BUT prevent it from checking email UNLESS I 'push' for it, I'll add it and omit the app...
I believe you can.

Click to manual. And you can even hide the account from your hub, so you have to go specifically to it to see it.    

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Also, you can turn off the particular email from showing up in the hub. Then you can just go that particular account in the hub.
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i used this app many years ago, just remember and all

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