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Member Titles... I don't like them
I know we don't see the member titles from the mobile forums or the app, but every now and then, like for instance, now, I'll jump on the forums from my computer. And these member titles we currently have, they just don't do it for me. They're a bit lame. A bit boring. In other words, I don't like them.

I had an idea, lets make some new ones. Maybe get them inline with a theme.

We currently have as titles:
Junior Member
Senior Member
Posting Freak

See, they're not cool or snazzy are they? Now, if I redid the titles, we'd probably all be some type of zombie, and I doubt people would much appreciate that. So, give me some ideas! And I think with some of the members here, if they keep up like they have other places I've seen them (Undbiter, Hurds, Blackjack, yeah, I'm looking at you three :D ) we may need an extra title or two, for as the post counts get higher.

So get your juices flowing... I'm talking creative juices ital1 :P, and throw us some ideas.
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Well a BlackBerry is a how about that

Wait that didn't sound right...I don't mean call people a bunch of fruits. but maybe plant names throughout the growth process. eg: BlackBerry seedling
I vote that I get to use Yeeaahhhh Boooyyeee!!! LOL
UTB newbie/beginner, UTB connoisseur, UTB master, UTB disciple (in honor of Grimm! UTB accolade?). That's all I've got lol. Didn't post them in any particular order. Just as they came to kind.
"If you can't soar with the eagles, then don't fly with the flock!"

White to Black Belt?
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Utb black belt?



Is there any suggestions others would get behind?
Fwiw I was being sarcastic, the titles are childish imo
I'm thinking how to incorporate the couple key aspects of the UTB brand: BlackBerry, and No Trolls, into a title system that also indicates some kind of progression of involvement and/or formally recognized tenure/technical ability.
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I'll think about it , but I do know that super hero and captain of the universe need to be there ;)

(17-04-2014, 04:55 PM)Canuckvoip Wrote: İmage

White to Black Belt?

Umm with all due respect, no..
BORING!!!! c'mon Canuck you're much less boring than that ;)

I know! I know!

How about newbie, user, abuser, addict, genius!

J/K !!!

I just realized just how lame that selection is......

How about this, since this is the first unadulterated true BB fan site ( and it appears that the charter dictates it shall remain so forever)

something like

Iphone shredder, android demolition expert, get the drift.

various military special ops type names in the war against other platforms....

it would fit with the assumed mission statement of the site and make it clear that other platform fans (trolls) simply are not welcome here.

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