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Tell us your come to BlackBerry story
Hey Sweet Mystery, welcome! Thanks for sharing.
(05-12-2015, 01:05 AM)OriginalLucy Wrote: the funny thing was I was a stalwart Nokia fan. I used to watch my clients obsessively text each other on their "Crackberries". One client even texted her co-workers during delivery of her first baby. I was gifted a Pearl 8100 and couldn't believe the power in my hands. From then on, I have had most of the 8000 series consumer models, the 9000, 9900, Z10x3, I kept selling and buying back. The Q10, 2x Z30 (one for my partner) Q10 again and now back on Z30. All since 2004. Hoping there's a Passport in my immediate future.

Welcome to the forums OL!
(05-12-2015, 03:23 AM)Stas Wrote: My first blackberry was 8700c. After Nokia it was strange and novel experience. But 8700c was also simple, safe & unfailing device. And soon it become my favorite phone. Then I had Storm2, 9220, 9900, Z3. But the first 8700 still working! For me it is handy & comfortable to use blackberry. It is my favorite phones.

Hey Stas, welcome to the forums! Hope you enjoy.
(09-12-2015, 09:13 PM)Sweet Mystery Wrote: My first BlackBerry was a Pearl. It was the first BlackBerry I saw after deciding to try one. Best impulse buy ever, used only BlackBerry devices ever since. I was torn between getting a Priv or Passport S.E. Watching UTB Blogcast helped me make up my mind. Ordered my Passport S.E the next day and seriously, I'm in love. Still love my Z10 too though lol.

Great story SM, welcome to the forums!
Welcome! And that SE has to be the nicest looking phone ever made. And it's a tank to boot!

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(10-12-2015, 12:41 AM)Schmurf. Wrote: Great story SM, welcome to the forums!

Lady K is here, finally. My SE is on its way. With a logo? Lmfao.
Welcome newbs!

Sent from my Passport
Thanks for the welcome guys!
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Reviving this thread for more BlackBerry stories! Share your story here!
I plan on doing my story in a video, as soon as I can find the time ;)

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