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Tell us your come to BlackBerry story
(09-08-2015, 02:59 AM)Brad Wrote: I've kept all mine too. Lol! They sit in a drawer, all together. Just waiting for me to take notice and go look at them again. Even my old Curve, the oldest of the bunch, ancient tech by today's standards.... Still feels so nice in the hand! BlackBerry has always known how to make phone that feel great. Not like those little flimsy foldy things we get today from other OEMs

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Imagine keeping all your old iPhones?

'I got this one, then this one that was a bit bigger, then this one that was a bit bigger than that one, the this one, that was a bit bigger than that one...'
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Ok so I began with a motorola analog phone and thought I was super cool for owning one. Then I started to notice just about everyone had one :(

During the early days, there was a social community developing around the push to talk feature of phones of the 7520 vintage. I had an on line friend in Florida and all of her friends had blackberry's for this feature

One way walkie talkie type instant communication.
Push a button and there is your friend. Much quicker than dialing the phone and waiting for an answer. Your friends were always 'right there' in constant contact.

Cool but intrusive. I still have the phone. Then the Curve came out and I had to have it, because it was so much more compact than the 7520 that required a holster.

After thrashing that (still works but cosmetically beat up since I never had a case or took proper care of it) . It had a trackball that kept getting pocket lint in it and had to be cleaned or replaced often.

Then the Bold 9900 came out with the optical trackpad that solved all of that. I LOVE THE TRACKPAD which is essential for fine cursor placement on small screens. I did back flips when I heard about its return on the Classic.

Then the Torch slider! I tried the Torch 1 and it was quite laggy and underpowered, so I waited for the Torch 2 which was awesome.

The BB10 came out on the Z10 and the Q10n and I was horrified that they took away my toolbelt so I rebelled and styaed on BBOS with my Torch, but then I got active on BBM when I began contributing to UTB and the poor Torch almost melted from the activity.

The Classic was not out yet so I succumbed to the Z30.
Awesome intro to BB10 but after a good period on the VKB with all of the communicating and editing I do I found that I had to have a PKB for accuracy so that I wouldn't have to look at the phone to type and so I wouldn't have to proof read every sentence to be sure some unintended word hadn't been substituted.

Then finally! My Classic. Perfect fit for my usage pattern.
Next up? Slider. (unless it's Android)

Altough envious of touchscreens when blackberry had none, I am pure and never ventured into iLand or robot land.
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I've wanted a BlackBerry since before they were smartphones. I waited and waited until I could afford my very own, suffering through ancient and random flip phones. Finally, I got hired at this fantastic job and rewarded myself with my first BlackBerry, the Curve 8530. It was purple. I loved it. I used that thing with pride until the tech surpassed the specs and an upgrade was necessary. The Bold 9930 intrigued me with the touch/PKB combo and I chose it next. Again, love. When the PlayBook release, I had to buy it too. A BlackBerry tablet? Of course. Once again, however, BlackBerry kept moving forward which meant I kept upgrading. I moved on to the Q10 with its fantastic new OS, and kept it only as long as I had to before succumbing to the siren's call that is the Passport. I still have every BlackBerry. I've used them in teaching and parenting, and in promoting the superior design of function that BlackBerry continues to create. I've never owned another brand of smartphone, and I hope to never have to.

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I started out with a 7230e. It was the predecessor to the Pearl line. It had the same style of keyboard but it had the trackwheel on the side of the device. I really liked that device and it's OS, except for one thing. It wasn't capable of sending/recieving MMS so I went back to my Moto flip while I waited for the chance to acquire a newer model of BlackBerry. I was able to do that with a used Pearl from ebay. After that I tried almost every model that was available to me. Due to restrictions beyond my control, I never got to use a Bold 9930, or Torch slider.

My hi lighted favorites are Curve 8530, Bold 9650 (upgraded to OS6), Torch (all touch), Z30, Q10, Classic.

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About 3 years ago the family was jumping carriers. This presented the chance to get a new smartphone. I was unhappy with the lack of expandable memory on iphone. Android was crap as my father only buys android phones.

So not wanting either I started doing research. I googled "new smartphones" and found some list on some random site of upcoming phones. One of them was the BlackBerry Z10. I'd owned a curve before but it really was just a hand me down and I moved quickly to the iPhone . So I youtubed videos about all the features. Long story short I went with it. Love at first sight. Everything it could do straight out of the box was amazing. Fell in love with the hub and multi tasking. Was nothing like my old curve.

Have owned Z10, q10, z30 and a passport. :)
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(09-08-2015, 04:48 AM)BlackJack Wrote: Altough envious of touchscreens when blackberry had none, I am pure and never ventured into iLand or robot land.

I never felt the need for a touch until BlackBerry developed it. Other phones ALWAYS seemed more toy than tool. It wasn't until I saw the touch/PKB combo on the 9930 that the functionality shone through.

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Yes the hybrid is the perfect solution! trackpad AND touch.
Why have one when you can have both?
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was on feature phones mostly until emails became a top priority. used the Nokia E3 for couple of months. couldn't bear it and got the 8320 curve. never looked back. To summarise in the immortal words of the joker; madness is like gravity. all it takes is one push. ;)

my first personally owned blackberry, photo c. 2006.

I became attached to it after my first trip to Egypt with it - still completely connected to email and coworkers through PIN messaging while barely using any data at all.

I became less enchanted when the scroll dial broke but always liked the infrastructure on infrastructure that BIS had - I could go anywhere and live on very little data.

that's part of why it feels like things are fundamentally changing now - BIS is going away.

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I was a Palm OS user and then they announced they were no longer supporting their desktop OS (which was awesome BTW; very straightforward with all four productivity apps and you could edit them from your PC and easily sync to your phone. It was kind of like Blend in a small way.) They announced that they were migrating all their customers to cloud backup, so I looked around.

I've been working on a book and I used the notes feature of the Palm Centro I had at the time and wanted to keep this data really private. At the time, BlackBerry was the only company offering a secure solution that did not force you to use the cloud; they offered Desktop Manager. I suppose Apple's iTunes could provide the same function, but thank God, I didn't realize that. I bought a Storm2 and then a Bold 9930 2 years later.

When BB10 came out Verizon was late in their typical fashion and I visited and looked at the Z10. I wanted a Bold replacement and heard of the Q10 but there was no word on it so I relented and bought the Z10. I joined the orange splat at that time. (That lasted 6 months and I left to come here when I couldn't take the brain damage there.)

Then I bought the Q10 off contract and then the Z30 when they came out. Then the Classic on contract about 6 months ago. My core issue is security/privacy and I see myself as a productivity-oriented user. My Classic is absolutely with out a doubt, the BEST device for my needs. I still love swapping with my Z30 or Q10, because those form factors have advantages and I enjoy using them, but the Classic is king for me.

I also love BB10. Absolutely the best mobile OS ever offered; secure, multi-tasking, efficient, stable. I'm hoping Chen is able to keep BB10 rolling. The next couple years will tell. KEEP THE FAITH EVERYONE!!!
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