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Make BB10 Read Web Pages To You
I tried it. Sounds like Siri long lost sister. The robotic voice is going to put me to sleep. No thanks
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I kind of like it. It's like bedtime stories from a cold heartless robot

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I have an ex-wife for that.
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Don't we all

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I use this functionality often, it is helpful while walking from train to office.
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It's useful in the car. Kind of like a podcast but for long articles on your commute. Bluetooth rocks!
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I was just wondering about this. I have an emergency feature phone that has an actual physical button to read the message out loud. Pretty cool. Put one on the toolbelt!

I was thinking yeah I'm sure there's a way to do this in bb10 but digging through the menus and settings is always a headache.
Oh and by the way - the shortcut to reader mode is to press "r".

Love keyboard shortcuts! Don't care how awesome the BlackBerry 10 VKb is, the amount of time that keyboard shortcuts have saved me is priceless.
I use that shortcut all the time. It's one of the main reasons why I now prefer physical keyboards.
Yeah. Even I signed a multi-billion dollar deal in the time saved by using keyboard shortcuts.

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