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AT&T rumored to get the BlackDroid or AndBerry
The average consumer, no, same goes with the average company. The IT people don't even know what some of the tech does... so if they like certain things, that's how things stay the same. Convince one person and the rest follow...
I just don't see it catching on, especially when so many Android vendors are losing money with Android...
Not exciting at all. BB10 is the way to go.
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I just want BlackBerry and John Chen, to get on with it and give the public some info :)
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The biggest fear is what happens if an android version outsells the BB10 version?

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Gonna take a wait and see here, BlackBerry working with Android to secure it makes sense, Android phone does not.
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(03-07-2015, 08:51 AM)The_Alpha_Geek Wrote: I just don't see it catching on, especially when so many Android vendors are losing money with Android...

I agree fully here. I don't believe consumer buy devices because they are "android". Heck most average consumers don't even know what OS their device runs. They buy it because it's Samsung or whatever the case is. Also, I see many saying it will sell because of the BlackBerry experience, well BlackBerry will be introducing that suite to other vendors so what is the incentive then? I believe if this rumor is true it's a big mistake and will only hurt BB10 potentially to the point of no return. BB10 is the differentiation BlackBerry had in the market. They just had to find a way to gain traction with it. Going android will not garner the traction they need for anything. It's just another one in the endless see of android devices.
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I heard a rumour that Heidi dates midgets

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Makes as much sense as listening to weird rumors.
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(03-07-2015, 08:29 AM)Luiserafim Wrote: I think that if true... Will doe more harm than good...


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