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Viewing The Songs List When Playing Music
When you start playing a song in the Music app, the screen switches from the list of songs to the play screen, which has the play controls and the album art. If you want to see the list of songs while the music is playing, then you have 4 choices:

1. tap the '<' button
2. swipe left to right
3. tap the album art once (see attached GIF)
4. drag the album art down (see attached GIF)

If you want to go back to the play screen, you have 3 choices:

1. when in the song list screen, tap the play bar at the top of the screen
2. when in the play screen, tap the album art
3. when in the play screen, drag the album art up

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I just attached an animated GIF to the original post to show you what it looks like when you bring up the songs list from the play screen in the Music app. I hope it helps.
Hahaha cool! Didn't know GIFs work in the forums. Thanks for the tip BTW.
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