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10 Headphones Better Than Beats
Forbes has been publishing some good articles on headphones. This one is particularly good:

If you've never tried Beats headphones, in particular the Pro versions, they're just like Apple's iJunk: heavily marketed, fragile and focused on style. The sound is decent, at best. The Pro model sounds very synthesized and processed.

IMO, you're far better off getting a pair of PSB M4U 2 headphones. They sound much, much better. Grado also make very good, natural-sounding headphones.
Beats is so overpriced, won't waste my time.
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Looks like beats and apple are a match made in heaven
Even pre-apphole beats are shiit
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I just have earbuds, but I have a couple sets that I really like, a pair of Bose and a pair of Skull Candies. The Bose are better, and they both can be used for phone calls or listening to music.
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BlackBerry ear buds that come with the passport are quite nice too. Good sound and don't fall of easily.
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