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Viewing List Of All Downloads In Progress
If you're like me, you start file transfers, push them to the background, and go do something else on your BlackBerry. The ability for BB10 to do that is awesome. But sometimes, I want to check the progress of the transfers. Instead of switching to the app that you started the transfers with, you can see your pending transfers by just displaying the Quick Menu.

From the app you're currently in, just swipe down from the top of the screen using two fingers to display the Quick Menu. At the bottom of the Quick Menu you'll see the transfers that are currently in progress. For each transfer, you'll see a progress bar, how much time is remaining and a retry button. See the attached photo for an example.

It's another example of how awesome BB10 is.

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Thanks for that! Quick menu was misleading to me. It looked like it only showed things you added to it ahead of time. Like the hub.
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