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project Jacquard - weavable conductors for wearables

Wear does your imagination take you?
Another way to track your location?
Apparently it turns your whole body into a touch surface.
Think about it. They! Have been weaving silver into socks and glove liners for years. Just to keep body warmth.
Columbia has a foil-like in a winter jacket too.
The technology has been there. Just add battery. LMAO!

The flip side is a copper screen has been buried in walls as an RF shield for a long time also. Security jacket? LoL.
What would happen at airport security?
Drone proof garments?
Have to strip it at airport. Theyd think it was a scam.
If TSA doesn't understand it they'd probably deny it out of ignorance.. Lol.
What happens if you have one of those scan-proof wallets?

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