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heating problems
My phone has been heating up a lot on been worked for long periods of time since OS upgrade, not just in summers.
In last 2-3 days my phone has been switching off at more than 45 % battery being there, sometimes with a "switching off device " message and at times without it.
I thought it must be the old battery so I switched it with the spare new one but it still switched off without warning.

I'm worried my phone will get fried this summer.
What's the operating temp for Z10? It's around 40 - 45 deg Celsius around here in the day and I'm outside in the day mostly.

Any suggestions how can I sort the switching off? Is it coz of overheating?
Have you installed any new apps in the last two or three days? Especially android apps.

First thing I would do is to back up the data with Link and then do a security wipe. Then use Link to restore data but NOT apps.

Re-download apps one or two per day and see how the battery reacts.
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  • veeru789
Just downloaded glympse from aptoide yesterday.
And while I was typing this reply my phone rebooted, for the 4th time in last 2 hrs
First, delete glympse and see if anything changes. If not, then follow my instructions from the earlier post.
If neither help, the next step would be to try reloading or updating the os.
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  • Sunny
The Z10 is known to have heating issues. But nothing to worry about. I've used it in 45-50 degrees temperatures and it's fine.
Hasn't happened since deleting glympse.
But I'll see for this week, it happens I'll wipe and restore.
Gaming could also heat up the phone. I remember beach buggy had this problem.
Sounds like you may have found your problem. Keep an eye out and when you see that a new version of Glympse is released, try it again.
I almost always get heating when I use my Z10.  I have never figured out why? It gets very hot sometimes, near 40 dergees centigrade. Sometimes I suspect the battery, I have about three spare batteries, but I have never really nailed the issues, especially after upgrading to a Z30. I have both Android and stock app, but I mostly use the stock apps.
Android apps can sometimes cause issues. I had one that drained Passport battery in 4 hours. Never had this problem with native apps, probably why Android phones are poor on battery life and random reboots

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