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Do You Use Facebook? How much? Why?
Veeru, that's assuming I want to LOL! Actually I don't get my news from Twitter. I go to my local newspaper's, CBC's, or CTV's websites. Perhaps a specialized website. I also use BBMC for getting news. In fact I spend a lot of time reading stuff there.
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BBMC? I know its good for geek, movie and BB stuff. but general news on BBMC? interesting what channels do you follow?
I follow UTB (of course). Also Bits, Time, BlackBerry, Athletic Eatery, etc.
Time, IMO, is more like a lifestyle mag than a news mag. don't you think?
When BBMC started, there were lot of Indian news outlets that jumped in and then went silent.
I go for Flipboard for my news. :-)

I think Brad is starting a magazine. A UTB Magazine? That, I'm not sure.. :-D
I don't use even though I used it for a period of time. Why I don't use it? Because I hate it. I really hate it. The whole website looks very creepy to me and Mark Zuckerberg himself gives me the creeps whenever I see him in the news.
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Nope dont use it, and i never try to read profiles from friends, because i hate them after that. such a sad sad people who doing that with zero self confidence...
Never used it, talk about sucking up all that user data.... no sir, not me, will never use it.
I've given up Facebook. It's the best decision I've made. Privacy matters to me. It's a logical, mature and wise decision. Not coming back. Never again! :-)
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Interestingly, I'm using Facebook a bit more for social media for my practice. I've used Twitter a fair bit in the past, but I've been finding my messages get lost in the sea of other tweets. Linked In is the third one I use for promoting my practice. For personal though, I hardly use any of them anymore. Once I started getting friend suggestions for old clients in my contacts list, I quickly shut that down. Now Twitter is pushing marketing campaigns at me. If they're not careful I will push back and shove somewhere they won't like.
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