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Do You Use Facebook? How much? Why?
(22-05-2015, 10:41 AM)james pisano Wrote: Wondering how many of us use Facebook.

Do you use it? How much? What for?


Set it up many moons ago when it first came out during the Myspace and Friendster overlap...

...and that was it !!

Now that I am embarking the small business route... I'm debating whether to start using it (along with the other social platforms) since everyone seems to be using it...
still thinking about it.

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I use Facebook since the early days and it was cool, not much now. I have 2 accounts, one for family and close friends and the other for quenquen adventures lol But I actually don't navigate on Facebook, I have my Twitter and Tumblr linked so everything I post goes there.
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I use mine for family and a few close friends, and keep it locked down as much as I can.
What's "Facebook "?

posted with whatever
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Very little. I have my privacy levels maxed out. I am only friends with people I was/ am actually friends with or who I actually interact with. I use it mainly for those odd messages or just to catch up on my old connections once in a while.
John made me get back on Facebook. :| I only use it to repost the odd UTB post

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I only use facebook to log in on websites to make comments rather than signing up multiple accounts with these websites. There's no friends and families on my account. I do not friend anyone including my family :)
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I really don't use it a lot... I visit maybe once a week... just to remebmer why I hate it...
Nope. Never got into Facebook. Too many ex-girlfriends and one or two particularly nutty ones.

Tried setting up a page for work, found the UI really irritating and the constant notifications really annoying. In the end I'm afraid we ended up with a whole bunch of customers I never responded to.
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I use it to check up on friends and to see what family in different parts of the world are up to. The younger generation posts regularly so it nice to see what is going on. I Occasionally post something. I do have my Church's Page set up and it is an easy way to quickly get the word out about something to a lot of people.

Biggly, just shut off notifications so you are not bothered by all that stuff. Check twice a day, and you won't miss customers. ;)

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