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The demise of the Smartphone is inevitable
Do you agree?
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Things will eventually change, but don't think it will happen anytime soon.
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The article is mindless speculation by someone who likes to hear the sound of their own voice. Most of the comments to follow are just as bad or worse. Will the smartphone continue to change and evolve? Yes. I wouldn't be surprised to see things evolve into a set of standards that all manufactures adhere to. For example, a common language for apps. However, people are built a certain way with two arms and 10 fingers and that will be the most efficient way to interact with our tools for a long time to come. Maybe some day eye movement or thought interface will take the place of typing but the day that voice control is my only option for interacting with my mobile device(s) is the day I give up my mobile device(s).
Let's just hope that iPhlegm is the Beta or VHS. Or, the eight track of cassettes LMBO!

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