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WiFi Direct - Best Way to Read UTB
(28-05-2015, 04:31 PM)BlackJack Wrote: Oh and James there's a wire attached to your Classic that is "charging wirelessly" ;)

It's a wire attached to the charger, you butt! LoL!

It's very convenient this way, cause there's no wire attached to the phone. :)
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THAT is something the Passport should have had. Since they didn't use the Playbook magnetic. A
Sethr- it's actually a great feature. The Classic gets hot after a while doing wireless charging, but it's awesome to be able to sit at your desk and pick the phone up without wires attached and yet when you set it down, it's charging.

If I charge it overnight, I use the USB charger, but wireless charging it during the day is a great way to help preserve the battery.
Via BlackBerry Z10 or Q10 or Z30 or Classic on or BB Playbook
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I saw specs on the latest Samsung TVs last night. WiFi Direct was one of them.
AFAIK, all Samsung smart TVs have WiFi Direct. The one I bought in 2012 has WiFi Direct and DLNA. I use it to display photos and video that's stored on my Passport. I also use the built-in Netflix app a lot. I don't see myself ever going back to a dumb TV.
I haven't checked all theirs lately. Im a real fan of Samsung TVs though.

The reason I brought it up was it seems you have to hunt through their line nowadays to find one that is not a smart series.
That's not surprising.

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