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BB10 Browser tip: all touch VKB phones
I'm sure its been posted somewhere already. But just wanted to share this tip.

In the browser often after scrolling to the bottom of a long web page, its frustrating to scroll all the way back up. For example UTB forums. On a PKB device, one could just hit "T" to scroll to the top instantaneously. The equivalent short cut on the VKB device is > swipe from the top bezel > a small black strip will appear > click on it > and the pages goes to the top.

I find this more easy than scrolling back up.

If any other tips for the all touch phone browser, please post them here.
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  • DickLewis13
Great tip. I hadn't found this one yet.

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Tried that before, now it works fine. Go figure.
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  • sethr
Awesome ! I've been wanting some kind of shortcut to do that for a long time. Thanks.
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  • veeru789
Sweet Veeru! I will give this a try once I can pry my hands off my Classic! :)
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this also works on my PP - but of course I could hit the T button as well ;-)
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