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white vs black
Wow! Blue?!!
Not some light powder blue either, something along the longs of navy blue.
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Navy would be ok. I'd LOVE a sapphire or cobalt though.....

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  • DickLewis13
white phones just don't have the same impact when it comes to the screen just seamlessly disappearing into the design.

the slider on the hand, it could work since the screen will curve over.

My z10 with the white/black transform case works really well - Reminds me of a storm trooper :)
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  • veeru789
The white Z10 does have the big black bezel. It's kind of nice. Full white will be too much. And now that you've mentioned it, it does remind of the storm trooper. ;)
Lol! Star Wars Z10!

No white for me, but to each his own. Glad we have the options.
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I call my Z10 the "ZED LORD" :P
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Veeru, how about "Darth Z10?"
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My first Z10 was white. I prefer the looks of black.
Maybe it is a visual thing. So when you pick up the white one, it simply feels heavier.

On a separate note, as someone else mentioned, I prefer the back of the black Z10, versus the back on my Passport...

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