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New BlackBerry all touch
I'd like an all touch BlackBerry with the power of a BlackBerry Passport.
Sort of like a Z30 size, with the processor etc. of a Passport.

Can someone (Chen) makes this happen?

Rumors all touch cancelled. Slider is the compromise.
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I think BlackBerry is trying to stay away from the crowded high end touch device market and stick with the keyboard device. The company is in no hurry to push one out yet. After three years, I don't think the Z10 and the Z30 combine sales are worth their while . I'm curious to see within short period of the launch of Classic and Passport, how are the numbers stack against the Z10 and Z30 after three years.
Playbook>Bold 9900>Z10>Z30>Passport.
If someone's talking to JC also please share this idea. Passport shape all touch phone or something bigger than the 30 with a stylus. And similar or higher spec to passport.
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Personally have gotten used to an all touch phone. The Passport and Classic are great, but I'm waiting a bit.
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I would like to see some actual sales figures for the Z30 in the US. Being limited to one carrier had to hurt but it was also good enough that Vzw sold out and had to order another batch.
Yep, VZW still selling the Z30, cheapos haven't lowered price yet.
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They probably can't lower the price. I bet they had to spend a minimum amount on a minimum special order since the Vzw Z30 is a completely different devices from its gsm counterpart. Parts between the two are not interchangeable.
For the length of time I've been using the Passport, I've noticed more and more that I type much slower on a physical keyboard, versus virtual.
Maybe that’s another reason I’m opting for the full screen touch (not a slider).

I suppose, it doesn’t help that I go back and forth with my iPhone 6 Plus. Now, if the Z30 had a nano SIM, I simply wouldn’t bother with wanting BlackBerry to create another full touch screen device. Well, there'd be no 'rush'...
Can't you get an adapter to make a nano sim fit into the z30?

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