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Do You Have To Fight Sales Reps To Buy A BlackBerry?
Samsung and Delight in the same phrase sounds like an oxymoron.
Amazing BlackBerry Motion BBD-100-2. #WeAreBlackBerry Happy
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(08-12-2015, 12:46 PM)DickLewis13 Wrote: Samsung and Delight in the same phrase sounds like an oxymoron.

Unfortunately I haven't found the sarcasm emoticon, so I was counting on common sense prevailing LOL
I think our Aussie push will see success very shortly!!
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Old thread I know. But it is stickied.

Truth be told, I never had a sales rep try to talk me out of BlackBerry or try to talk me into something else.

Before I bought the first Passport I was buying T-Mobile BlackBerry devices. In all but one case I bought them at local T-Mobile store. The one exception is a 9700 I bought at a T-Mobile corporate store in Ohio when traveling one time.

The worst I can say, as I mentioned in another thread, is that when I bought the Z10 the saleslady didn't even know they had them. I told her yes, that they went on sale at T-Mobile that day, and she should have one. And don't mind setting it up, just sell it to me and let me be on my way. She was very nice, as I recall.

I have read things on the forums, and I really wouldn't doubt any of it. Maybe it's me somehow. I have had good experience. But since that Z10 I have changed my MO and buy unlocked and unbranded now.

To close, I am a little saddened. Or mixed feelings. I do see it hard for BlackBerry (now the partner) to sell a lot of product if the product is not in carrier stores. But then on the other hand so much is changing. Smartphone hardware is becoming a commodity. The carriers are becoming a utility. I don't buy my refrigerator from the electric company. I could, but I don't, and I don't think many do. In the end, I can't spend my time overthinking it. I have to do what is best for me.

- Ira
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Ira, I agree with you. Though I love my carrier (Telus - a despite that I haven't got my 10.3.3 update YET!) their franchise stores can be filled with useless twits. It used to be that the people in the stored knew what they were talking about. But today, with the information available through the internet, anyone who wants to research their next device can walk into the store better informed than the average clerk in said store. The Telus franchise in my local mall is a classic example. Most of the clerks there only know one phone, the one they use and as a result, that's what they sell. If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Anyway, I refuse to walk into that store, unless it's to make them look like idiots.

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