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Office 365 Android app on BlackBerry
The office 365 app isn't available for BlackBerry as of now but thanks to the android run time it can be installed and works. There are few issues with it though. But first, I don't think BlackBerry users need this app. with onedrive integrated in to the native file manager and pre-installed docs to go, there is no need for a separate office 365 app. And the way BlackBerry has implemented Docs to go and onedrive is more reliable and easy to operate, at least for me.

now the problem with the supposedly best office app on all mobile platforms is that it doesn't allow you to sign out. Neither does it show up on the account page, for the user to revoke access to the android app. So if you are like me just trying the app out but do not trust android apps with your private data, I would recommend not to sign in. this is big fail for a company as big as Microsoft. The attention to detail is just not there for all msft products.

pls correct me if im wrong, or have missed something.
Good questions. I've never tried the app as I really haven't had a reason to and judging from your explanation, I don't think I want to try it.
Haven't tried it here either. Though tempted, just to figure out how to log out.
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Can't DL. Only way to do it is wipe the app and delete. Wiping also doesn't log you out though.
Looks like there isn't any reason to test it. Sounds like a stupid app.
Amazing BlackBerry Motion BBD-100-2. #WeAreBlackBerry Happy
supposed to be best office app on all (2) mobile platforms...LOL
I tried it once. It isn't any better than Docs2Go in my opinion. At least not for the limited amount of stuff I need it for.
Docs2go and connect to onedrive apps are all you need. works beautifully. and they are native. can move files to other places on the phone like sd card, box, drop box or phone memory since onedrive is integrated into filemanager. another problem with this app is, cant move files with a simple click.

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