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IMDB app not updating
Installed IMDB app from Amazon app store on my Z3 and got a notification of an update. but when I click the update/update all buttons the download stops at about 95%. Did a hard reboot of the appstore by long press closing and also hard rebooted the phone. the problem still persisted. finally deleted the app and installed again. Anyone else have this problem with android apps? this is the first time I saw this problem.
Uninstall IMDB, then load with Snap.
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(09-02-2015, 02:02 PM)DickLewis13 Wrote: Uninstall IMDB, then load with Snap.

Yup that's what I did. but reinstalled from Amazon store again. Before this all updates were working fine. must be a problem specific to IMDB app.
IMDB works like a charm on my Z30. I don't get apps from Amazon nor 1Market (?).
Amazon has a lot of older versions.
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