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Anyone else hear new Passport rumors?
More than a rumor, very old thread. No BB10 devices planned.
Amazing BlackBerry Motion BBD-100-2. #WeAreBlackBerry Happy
I don't have any more information about this
For a thread that's over 2 years old, I wouldn't expect anyone to have any info.
No BB10 devices are anywhere except someone's imagination.

(08-07-2017, 04:10 PM)issacsamuel Wrote: I don't have any more information about this
Amazing BlackBerry Motion BBD-100-2. #WeAreBlackBerry Happy
DL, sadly I agree with you. I'm not sure what approach to take. Switch to KeyONE now or play out the string with my Passport. The latter has been my approach so far. I was not pleased with Android (Blackdroid) on my Priv. Mind you part of that was also the slider aspect. The key usage was quite different from the Passport, more like the old BBOS days. Anyway, for now I continue to hope against hope.
Be patient, new all touch rumored and more or less confirmed for October.
More news in a new thread as soon as we see something definite.
Amazing BlackBerry Motion BBD-100-2. #WeAreBlackBerry Happy
Yes, but that will be Blackdroid. If I'm switching to that eventually, it would be something with keys, like the KeyONE. For me all screen, all touch doesn't quite cut it.

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