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new member
hello all, I guess I should of did a proper intro before my first post, to be honest I was trolling it for awhile to see if it was like the orange forum, lots of hate there, people new to blackberry are treated with such disrespect when they ask a simple question or plain just don't know something, I got my first BlackBerry device in 08, and while I have tried an android device in the past I just don't care for the OS, my past devices are a tour, curve, torch, current devices are playbook, Z10, Z30 and a broken down passport, wasn't real sure if I could go back to a keyboard device, but the passport really takes BB10 to a new level
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A huge welcome, DW44. Glad you're here, as mentioned elsewhere, sorry your Passport bit it.
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Welcome, DW!
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Welcome aboard! Now that you've done an introduction, you're a member of the UTB family, and probably not welcome over there anymore. Sorry. :)

Of course, as a fan of BlackBerry, you probably weren't really welcome there to start with. Lol

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Welcome DW. Don't worry we've all been there. Those types will surely be filtered here. Friendly BLACKBERRY fans only. Sue us for discrimination.
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Welcome! "You had me at 'I hate the orange site.'"

Anyway. So true about that BTW. They beat up on people just for not knowing something.

If that ever happens to you here, let me know! I'll shut them down! We're here for BlackBerry Fans! Have fun and thanks for joining us!
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Welcome Bro! to the best BB fan site in 9 realms.
Welcome to our home DW44...I agree the pkb on the Passport is a beast.
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Welcome to UTB DW44, enjoy this great place!
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Welcome to your new home, DW44! UTB is a great place to gather, share valuable information and enjoy the community life.

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