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wecanstillmakeitbetter - Blend
Since the closing of the icanmakeitbetter site, why not open our own?

I'll start. Blend needs bluetooth so you can connect a tablet like bridge used to do for the PlayBook. Without wifi. Otherwise, you are still "tethered" to something.
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  • veeru789
is this only for blend or all things BB10?

reg Blend, I would like to see adjustable font or Zoom in zoom out option. On devices like surface pro 3, the font is very small and at times frustrating. unless im missing something.

BB10: the biggest complaint I have is the contacts app. although it has improved a lot since 10.0, there is still lot of room for improvement. duplication is still a problem.
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  • MissoulaMarinerFan
1) copy and paste in Remember changes the font size and reformats the note to that new font size so future additions are entered in that larger font unless you know to hit return before pasting.
2) ability to multi-select tasks in Remember and carry forward to a new date en masse
3) ability to have Remember tasks due today show up in the HUB view when you pull down and see today's appointments
4) ability to customize a global notifications setting; I had created one for BBOS called "office" which turned down my SMS notifications but left my phone ringer loud and had other specific adjustments, it was louder than "soft" or whatever came preloaded, but softer than the "normal" setting
5) ability to change the volume of different notifications within the pre-set global settings; sometimes a ring tone is louder or softer than you want it relative to say a BBM notification and you want to adjust it
6) Remember generally is not a good task manager. It's a great notepad but is very limited for tasks. You should be able to have subtasks, hide completed tasks from the all tasks sort by name view, etc.
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All things BlackBerry! Devices, BB10, apps...
Now that I think about it, it would be better organized to keep them separate.
I will make more threads. Lets make this Blend. Sorry James!

Like how about a dark theme for Blend! My eyes my eyes! Selectable fonts and font size!
Why not side by side simultaneous conversations with all the extra screen space?
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  • BlackJack
Blend needs graphic help. Simplest case make BBM look like it does on the phone. A less anemic font and dark theme if I wish. This has to be coming. Right?
Dark theme! Dark theme! Yes!
I say perfect it first before worrying about the look of it. For one, how about adding a "check for updates" in the menu somewhere as many seem to have had issues when an update came out thinking their blend was broken. Most wouldn't know to go to the website to download it from there and would just assume its not working properly.
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Support for third party apps like Igran, whatscrap and Blaq?

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