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T-Mobile out!
First it was Leaks Out, then Typo Out, now TMO Out! That's three outs for John Chen! To further the sports analogy since they brought him in as a relief pitcher for Thorsten he has mowed down everyone he's faced including the Wall Street gang by laying out a plan to get BlackBerry back on track, and delivering ahead of plan. Will we ever be number 1 again, probably not, but JC is putting up the good fight and getting us back in the race.

We're also better off not doing business with the likes of the Magenta Maniac - see pic

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As each and every day passes, I like John Chen more and more.
He's likeable, smart, and engaged.
Logic dictates, but reason rules... DM

Farts are just the ghosts of the things we eat...
Dang Franco just laid down one long post. I'm going back to the I am thread.
Getting as far away as they can from that absolute moron Legere is a great move. That guy is a psycho loose cannon.

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