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BBM 2.1 Is Here
So, stickers have been released to the masses, hopefully they'll be a great first step to monetizing BBM in a non-intrusive way.

Will you use them?
I bought a couple of the sticker packs as soon as it was leaked last week.
At first I wasn't too sure what to think when I first heard about the stickers. I have to admit now, they are pretty cool actually.

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I just wish they'd work in groups. But yes, yesterday I thought they were useless. Today I bought packs for both my phones.
Where the problem BBM 2.1 at? Biggly said it here but I don't see it??? Oh, that was a trick to get me in here. Very sneaky of you....

hey i found this from the blog post. that is cool it got me here!!!
I wanna spade sticker damn it!!!
Hmmmm Stickers hmmmmm to be 12 again
That's what I thought Nik. But I kinda like 'em. :P
Obviously I NEED a red squircle sticker.
I'm hoping the marketplace expands to offer more than just stickers.... I seriously think they should even sell BlackBerry devices so that cross platformers constantly have BB10 devices in their face tempting them to buy :)
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