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How have people reacted to your new BlackBerry Passport?
(16-11-2014, 04:53 AM)Iamvarunshah Wrote: I can detail it in 3 situations till now after 2 days experience:

1. Comedy Situation: At the time of clearance from the post office, the custom officer was firstly shocked to see passport. Even more shocked when I told I won it for free. He was not able to hold the device properly. He was continuously staring at the device.Big_smile2

2. Tense Situation: My brother and I had dispute over who will take it. Ended at point when he said ok take it.Embarrased

3. Proud Situation: When I went to a local BlackBerry outlet to buy some accessories, probably each and every customer were staring at my passport. One asked me the name and asked for let him try. I was like no, but gave it for few seconds. And seriously never before got so much good importance from the shop guys before. Inspite of crowd at the store, I was attended by 2 shop guys.Cool

I think, this is just the starting. Many more interesting situations are waiting for me in the future.Cool

Hi Varun,

I glad to hear you received your Passport. I have been tracking it ever since I shipped it. Your mailing address is rather "unique". I hope you enjoy it's everything you expected it to be.

"Encryption is the defense against the dark arts in the digital realm" - Edward Snowden
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