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Q10 does not restart, stuck on pink logo!
Hello to all
I have a big problem with my BB and need some help. It has been 2 weeks since my device has been trying to reboot but it does not start. No software upgrade, only BB apps on mobile, this happened by switching device off (last time crashed when opening whatsapp -hate this app btw!)

I get a screen pink logo to 100%, sounds on my device (emails, alarms, alerts, etc) and even customized led lights ( power tools app installed) but it does not get far from that, it never reaches the OS /home screen.

I get sounds and led light before loading reaches to 100%, some times gets stuck at 97/98/99%. Unfortunately device is not recognized by BB link and therefore cannot perform a backup and wipe out.

This has happened 3 times before when restarting or switching device off. First time it took a few hours to get back, second time, it took 2 days and this last time it´s not re starting!

I have tried to recover device from a soft brick as posted here ( but it does not working, still gets stuck on pink logo, same story as described above.

Is it possible (even if device is not recognized by link to back it up) to perform a non destructive upgrade to my device and make phone to start again?

have you heard of any problem like this before?

If what you tried didn't work, you're only choice may be what I replied in Sachesi thread. You likely will have to autoload the OS you want and start over. Using BB LINK to restore may cause additional problems. I only restored media when I crashed my Z30. Good Luck!
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I think I reached the last resort, still love BB!
Apps purchased are lost?
thank you Dlewis13.
Purchased apps are not lost. When you log in with your BBID, all paid apps are available from BB World.
Good Luck! :)
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BTW, autoloader should contain debrick OS and Radio. Apps included that way.
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Let me know how you make out, have another way to get you up and running with your carrier's official OS.
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debrick OS is same as Core OS?
Nope, Debrick OS is larger and contains the apps.
Over 1gb compared to 300+mb
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ok , thanks. do you know where I can get it?
Should able to use Sachesi, your country and carrier and check the bar files.
What country and carrier you on?
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