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CAP.EXE message when building Autoloader on DBBTool
(07-11-2014, 09:08 PM)Robert Wrote: Hi BBlord,

It is possible that you are missing a file in the DBBT folder where you extracted to. If you are using a recent build of the utility, you should have 4 files which are:


As for the Core OS that you should be selecting, I can't find any reference to anywhere. If I'm not mistaken, you have with the 1899 radio which is Software Release

Here is the link from the BlackBerry Production Server for the file requested. I went ahead and verified that it's working as well. Core OS for q5 / q10

God luck.

Let us know how everything works out.

Hi Robert, thank you for your answer and information.
you are right , it is 1925. And I finally did not get the Cap.exe message anymore. I got the 4 files as you mentioned above.

Unfortunately not being able to recover device from a soft brick (non destructive) -which I think it is the problem - using the method described here, I might be making something wrong when creating the Autoloader (I used both core os and radio to create Autoloader).

I used the following:

Still device is not starting, stuck on pink logo at 1000%. would it be possible to upgrade using sachesi and have device finally started? (note that device is not being able to back up when using link)

I was so desperate after two weeks that I took device (Saturday-yesterday) to carrier for diagnose. I think they will wipe it out. But still can have it back this next Monday before they the do anything to it.

I posted a new thread here under Q10 section giving details of my problem, maybe you have some time to check it out.

But using Sachesi this is where I got so far.
Any help would be appreciated.


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