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Z30 FM Radio without headphones
A while back I accidentally unplugged my headphones while listening to FM Radio and it continued playing! It was amazing to realise that even BlackBerry didn't know just how great their hardware is.

I believe FM antennae/aerials are supposed to be long so it is just incredible that the small dimensions of the Z30 were enough to receive the stations clearly.

This just reaffirms my confidence in BlackBerry's hardware stature. From what I've seen of the circuit diagrams for audio chipsets, the FM antenna wire/trace/pin is suggested to go straight to the headphone jack. With the interference from the neighbouring circuitry and just the short length of the wire, the reception would not be that good.

I have a Nokia N800, one of the earliest "tablets/smart devices" that has excellent Wi-Fi reception, but when one unplugs the headphones, the clear FM Radio immediately turns into hissing from the built-in speakers.

BlackBerry must have gone out of their way to connect that FM antenna pin to the Paratek system! Guys... Just... I mean... how in the... Do you see? Do you?

BlackBerry is Awesome.
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Great.. Seen and shared. :-)
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That's a really cool find. I've tried it with my Passport and Classic and both immediately shut off once I unplug the headphones. I'll have to try it on my Z30 when I get it back from my buddy who is using it.
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That's really interesting! The Z30 has a lot of love baked into it. I think it's neat we can do that, but frankly, I think the fact that we have an FM radio is killer. It's great for listening to the ballgame when you're on the go!
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BTW, thanks for the video, m3mb3rsh1p!
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That is cool. I really think the Z30 was miles ahead of its time in so many ways.
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It really was, Schmurf. I'd rather use it than any slab available... of course BB10 has something to do with that, ;) but the hardware is still awesome.
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Too bad it was not accepted and promoted by the big four Carriers here in the States. I tried, but have never seen or held a working model. Verizon had it available only as an online order.
Don't buy from Verizon anyway, except some accessories I can't find elsewhere.
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It's a highly business-capable slab. The Paratek antenna, superior speakers, extra microphones and BB10 productivity features like USB OTG, VKB, file manager, etc., make it an excellent business phone, while the ample screen and GPU make it a solid media and gaming device.
Via BlackBerry Z10 or Q10 or Z30 or Classic on or BB Playbook

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