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Windows won't recognise black disc's!
I have no idea what's going on here!
I did this not long before I updated to Win10 but the update seemed to fix things but now its back!
here is a screen shot of what I get, how the hell can I format a disc if widows doesn't recognise it?
A little more details, this a writeable disc or rewriteable disc?
Brand, title states BLACK.
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Sounds like you're using the built-in disc reading/writing program... have you tried using a disc burning program? Many of them will allow you to read discs that Windows otherwise wouldn't recognise
@*****, it's only on blank discs, I've used them before without problems, I just dragged MP3 tracks on to the window and burnt. Ordinary writable disc's.
I've just had another look and now the cd/dvd drive isn't showing. So @Jon... I can't try anything at the moment. I'm trying to update all my drivers in case they are screwed up.
I use Nero, don't bother with Windows burning software.
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(13-10-2015, 12:45 AM)DickLewis13 Wrote: I use Nero, don't bother with Windows burning software.

Well, I installed Nero and...

Nothing! I selected the files I needed to burn, right clicked 'Burn with Nero' it flashed up with the warning box for a second and gone!
I've been to M$ site and Windows10 help on this is non existant!
If anyone has any ideas let me know!

Oh, yes, I've checked the drivers are up to date.
I had a situation like this. Mine couldn't read or write because the laser light that burns the disk failed. Can you read other disks?
Yes, it reads disks no problem, it is just blank ones, I've tried several different makes and get the same result.
Please excuse the interruption but may I please enquire as to:

1. What version of Windows are you running?
2. What hardware platform is it running on?
3. Oh and what is a 'Black Disc'?
Black disc is just that, all black even on recording side.
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