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Do you have ways you like to download music on to your Blackberry? I would like to know what others do as well!! Cool

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Now a days its all spotify for me.
Just downloaded Sound Nine from BlackBerry World. Also use Pandora from the Amazon App store. Not a music download guy. I have, however, been looking for an audio Bible to download to my SD card.
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For live streaming I would recomend Groovy App from BlackBerry World »
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I prefer to pay the artists for their music instead of stealing it. For some reason it just makes more sense to me.

For the past couple of years I've been buying hi-res music only (96KHz/24bits, 196KHz/24bits). I download it onto my laptop and copy it over to my BlackBerry. With good gear, you'll notice the difference.

I do listen to some streaming music sometimes, but so far only CBC Music. It has everything I'm interested, it's free and they pay the royalties.
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Same as Bartron, buy, download to laptop and copy it over to my device. For streaming I generally use SoundCloud.
Yeah, I'm old school. I buy music. Lol. Although most recently I've been buying digitally from Amazon. It's all on my SD, and backed up to my personal cloud.

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I have old records and CD's that I copy over to my BlackBerry. My kids will find new artists they think I will like and cut me CD's which I will also copy to my Passport. Buy and copy is my procedure.

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I buy my music too... but i'm using Spotify and Groovy more and more...
I buy from 7digital and store on SD. Also Spotify and other streamers...
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